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Heidi and I first met when we were 9 years old.  It was the beginning of Grade 5, and I was The New Girl at our school, having recently moved to Brisbane from Canberra.

We became good friends, and continued on to the same high school – there were many sleepovers, viewings of Grease, and I have such happy memories of the lifts home from school I used to get with Heidi and her mum and sisters.

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 Heidi – Me – Erin – Sharon circa (cough) 1987?

Then we went to Uni and used to see each other occasionally at parties.  And then I moved overseas, and then it was many many years before we would again catch up.  But because of our longstanding connection (and because of the Brisbane Village) I was kept reasonably up to date with the goings on in her life….  Not in a stalker way….! 😉  She was teaching at a local Primary School.  She had met and married a wonderful man.  And then joy of joys, she had given birth to a beautiful baby boy.

I felt so honoured that she asked me to take their first formal photographs as a family of three.  And I so look forward to watching this precious little angel grow big and tall.

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