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Brook was one of many women who responded to my first call-out for ladies looking to find their beautiful.  Her story was one that really jumped out at me though.  She is a full-time carer of her little one who has medical issues, has spent the past few years looking after everyone except for herself, and yet has not a shred of self-pity or negativity about the cards that life has dealt her.  She had fallen into a rut of “that’ll do” when looking in the mirror.

She arrived at our beYOUtiful shoot looking petrified.

But the magic hands of Carla Sarkewski soon relaxed her.  And a little while into our shoot this happened……

Brisbane glamour photography

This is the moment that Brook let her guard down, and she allowed her beauty to shine through. The whole room felt it, and was moved by it. There were tears.  And Brook’s quiet, wicked little giggle, is still sounding loudly in my ears.

Brook, your strength and your courage and your inner beauty was such a pleasure to see!  I hope you are still looking at your prints, and still saying, “Yes.  That is me”.



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